Land ahoy!

Posted by Cath Swan |

We have started the wheels in motion! Our financial planner (Martin) has begun the search for the bank that will lend us our dream.

We live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, and have been looking to the outer suburbs, we're a bit tired of the city rush and we're hanging for some country air!

A friend who lives out at Doreen told us to call into the Delfin office in the Laurimar Estate. Doreen is beautiful, with views to the surrounding mountains and then back to the city skyline. Kangaroos roam freely throughout the rolling hills.

We casually went for a visit to the office and spoke to the salesman who told us there was not much left in the new estate. But he showed us a block on the map which was around 600m2 and offered to take us up to see it.

As we drove into the new estate, my husband and I both agreed this block, being one of the last, would probably be the worst block in the estate, in some dark valley no one wants. As we drove up a hill, our salesman turned into a nice new street and stopped and got out. We followed and thought it would surely be the block going down the hill, but we were very surprised as we walked onto the block right at the top of the hill.

The views were beautiful, the block was relatively flat, and we were blown away.

We both fell in love with it instantly, and after much pacing and dreaming, we told the salesman we were very interested.