Render undercoat

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We knew the rendering would be most likely started this week, so when we drove up today there it was. I stress that what you're seeing is the 'undercoat', as it looks a little grey at the moment! The painted colour will be a more latte colour and will have white moulding at the top of it.

We were a little unsure of how it makes the house look, gives it a totally different look but I think it will grow on us especially when it's finished.

So I will update with more photos when they add the paint colour to the render.


Coming along.....

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This week the house is coasting along nicely.
They have installed all the cupboards and island bench for the kitchen. All the cabinets and drawers are in, and the kitchen sink has been delivered.

Not sure when the Caesar stone benches will arrive, but that and the appliances will finish off the kitchen.

The ensuite cupboards have been installed, notice they are also the same wood as the kitchen cupboards. We've kept the same look flowing through the house, with similar colours throughout.

This week the render will start on the front of the house, and the tiler will begin.

My husband finally met our Building Manager on Friday; he said they were flying along well. The Building Inspector came to survey the house and brickwork etc; apparently he was impressed with the quality of the house and immaculate brickwork and gave the big thumbs up!

The incorrect mortar colour has still been an issue. We have noticed that since the mortar has dried it looks a lot more grey which is unfortunate, but Porter Davis have agreed (after some haggling), to compensate us for their mistake. So we should be able to maybe get our driveway done at their expense!

The render will go from halfway up the window (in the picture above), down to the bottom, and then cover most of the portico.

Our Building Manager also informed us that because they are moving so quickly we could be in sooner than first thought. Our 20 week build guarantee from Porter Davis, put us as being in by mid October. It's now looking like we could be in around the end of September. That gives us a month! So today we started packing. Very exciting!!


Lockup official!!

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The house is officially at lockup!

Lots of little things finished around the house this week.

The kitchen is taking shape with the cabinets finished on the wall, the long island bench is sitting ready to be finished.

The Alfresco poles have been all finished now. We will be building a retaining wall along the footpath and getting fill to give us more space around the alfresco area. We will then build a fence behind it to give us privacy.

Below is our 'unpainted' double doors for our bedroom which are also in the theatre room. All our other doors in the house are single white panelled doors. Nice!

We are still yet to hear back from Porter Davis about the mortar colour mistake, hopefully this week something will be remedied!


Big week!

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Well, we have had quite the big week as far as the house goes!

Yesterday morning we got a call from our Building Manager to tell us that the brickie had signed off on his brick work last night as it was all finished, and discovered that we had upgraded to 'off-white' mortar!! He
used the standard uncoloured mortar, which is a grey colour.

If you remember a few weeks ago when they first started the brick laying, I commented that I wondered if the mortar colour was right. The first time I saw it, I said to hubby - "The mortar colour is wrong!" He calmed me that it was just wet and appeared darker but it would lighten up. Well trust women's intuition, cause I was right!!

So because we paid to have the mortar colour upgraded, and they've done the entire house in a lovely 'grey'; we are waiting to hear from Porter Davis about what they will compensate us for.

Our quick trip out this arvo brought great excitement. They have started putting all the cabinets into the house. Laundry is all in, the ensuite is half in and bathroom all in. They have also put in half of the kitchen cabinets! Amazing!

They have added all the skirting boards throughout the house, and had put in all our internal doors. The difference this makes is amazing, everything looks very different.

It is beginning to feel a lot like our home, and like we are actually going to move into our own home very soon!

Everything is happening very quickly!!


Bricks done!

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Greetings!! Busyness has overtaken me, so I haven't had a chance to update. But here is yesterdays offering.

We were very excited to see that they had almost totally finished all the bricks, all the way around the house. And it wasn't until my husband pointed out the portico pole finished that I realised they had finished the whole portico, (that is front entrance for you newbies)!
We now await to see what the render to the front post and bottom half of the front will look like.

Inside they have finished all the cornice for the ceiling, and
finished plastering all the ceiling areas. Including the doorway into the rumpus area, which is meant to actually be a 'doorway'! So tomorrow my husband will have to get the building manager to make sure that it is turned into a door frame.

They seem to be following the original plans and not the revised ones that we made, so we'll have to see why that keeps happening.

Other than a few niggly problems, everything is coming along very nicely!



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We've had a busy weekend so we hadn't had time to get out to the house until this afternoon.

I was hoping to see the bricks finished and no green insulation in sight. Well they had bricked further around and finished the back of the house completely, but still haven't finished the front and side.

So I ventured inside to see any changes, and noticed the front temporary doors had blown open and all the rain was getting in the house, so I fixed the bricks against the doors so no rain could get in. I turned around and was shocked by what I saw.

The builder had called Jose on Friday to tell him the plasterers would be starting sometime in this next week, so we were waiting to see the next stage started.

Well to my shock, the plasterers had not only started but nearly finished. All the walls are up, all the ceilings are done, and all that's left to do is the cornice and the door frames.

They must have worked hard since last Wednesday, because it wasn't done before then.

It totally changes the look of the house and makes everything seem real. Instead of looking through walls, we now have rooms.

In the photo to the right, is our foyer with an extra 300mm height added to the already high ceilings through-out the house. It makes the whole house feel very spacious!

A very exciting stage to get to.