Getting closer!

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Well today was very exciting.

We have just had the Retaining wall finished, which looks fantastic, and is exactly what we wanted.

The next faze will be to add fill to the wall and build the fence, which is stage two and
will probably happen after we move in.

I was also able to get some inside
shots of the new tiles, and was very excited to find they have built all the shelves for all the cupboards.

Including all the bedroom cupboards, linen, and pantry. They all seem to be
painted as well, and look amazing.

We are so happy with the floor tiles and the colour fits perfectly with the
wall colour and cupboards.

We're really starting to get excited now. We don't have a hand-over date yet but hopefully in the next week we'll know a final date!


Tiles & Garage door!

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We came home early yesterday from our holiday because we all came down with colds and it was raining all week at the beach. And it was just as well, because last night the builder called us to say they were starting the tiling today and wanted us to check all the tiles before they got too far.

So this morning we went out to meet the tiler and builder and they had half tiled the family room when we got there. It is looking great so far, and all the tiles are the ones we chose.

We didn't realise that the tiles for the shower had the choice to go vertical or horizontal. Something they didn't ask us at our tile appointment. So on the spot we had to decide which way we wanted the wall tiles to go. We chose vertical for the wall tiles in the showers.

The other thing was we didn't realise the tiles for the side and top of the bath would be the same as the floor tiles. They did give us the option to change that today on the spot, but we decided to go with the same floor tiles on and around the bath. Apparently the norm for baths is to go with the same tile as the floor.
According to our tiler it should all be finished by this Saturday, this includes all the tiles in the bathrooms and laundry as well.

Sometime today the splashback for the kitchen went in too, I hope to have photos of that next time.

We were very excited to see that the garage door had been installed. Garage doors in our estate have to be the sectional doors, no roller door types. The colour is Ironstone and is the same colour as the roof and gutters. We were wondering if the colour was going to be too much, but I think when the render is finally finished and the doors are on it will all look really good.


Moving forward.....

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Quick post tonight as we're going away for a week holiday tomorrow.

Painting on all walls and ceilings and doors is now finished. The paint work in my humble opinion is quality. The finishes on all the room and cupboard doors is a beautiful glossy white. We're very happy with the finished painting. At a later date we will do some feature walls.

All the tiles have been delivered and look great, I can't wait to see them finished.

Our gorgeous front doors have been
delivered and will be painted a deep red called 'Manor Red', I had to fight for the style and colour so I'm really looking forward to seeing them up and finished.

And finally they have started preparing both the shower bases with waterproofing ready for the tiling on the shower floor and walls.

We are hoping that most of the tiling will be nearly finished when we return from our quick holiday in a week. We are hoping to be refreshed and ready for the big move and all that comes with our new house!


Painting starts

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It has been a slow couple of weeks, not much happening. Everyone tells me this is what happens, they go very fast getting the outside up and then everything goes slow on the inside... I'm sure there's some deep insight in that thought somewhere!

Anyway, yesterday we had a look and they have started painting! The floor had been all cleaned in prep, all mud out. And the first coat has gone on all through the house, including the ceilings.
And from what we can work out, they actually have the paint colours correct. Paint colour is a latte type colour with a white trim around the windows and door frames. We were going to get all our feature walls done, but have cancelled that to save some money. We will do some features at a later time.

The other thing finished is the back fence next door. We went out earlier in the week to find they had put in full length fence posts for the whole length of our yard, and as we still need to build a retaining wall there and didn't want a full fence blocking our view we had to move quickly to get it stopped.

Thankfully they were happy to take the full height fence to just pass their house, and once the retaining wall is built we will get a half height fence built on top and hopefully keep our view!!


Moving slowly....

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Well things are happening painfully slowly!!

Everything has gone so fast since we started that we weren't expecting a couple of weeks of barely anything happening. My hope of being in early is slightly fading, but you never know it could still be beginning of October.

Porter Davis have until the middle of October to handover before the promised 20 week build is up and they have to start paying our rent!

When we visited on Saturday a couple of things had been finished. The Bench tops have all been installed with our lovely Caesar stone. This has been put in the kitchen and all the bathrooms.
They have also nearly finished all the eaves.

Apparently this week the painting starts, we will await to see if this goes ahead!! Still thinking we could be in in a month!!