The Search goes on...

Posted by Cath Swan |

There are so many builders!

The market is dominated by the 'big' building companies like Henley, Metricon, Porter Davis, Simonds, National Builders and many more. With the first home buyers bonus being used as bait, these large builders are making the most of the market with offers of luxury upgrades on many of the standard inclusions.

All of these builders have numerous plans to choose from, and the power to offer extras because of their size. But we have got the impression after going through so many display homes, that most of the big builders offer 'cookie cutter' homes. You know the sort, the standard garage door with panels, front door and front loungeroom window all with varying facades. Standard plan inside, 3 bedrooms, family room and 'home theatre', and an occasional variation on that.

Not to sound cynical, because these type of homes are great for first home buyers and you will eventually trade up. But for us being a first home 'builder', and having already bought our first home, we are looking for something with a little more character.

Henley has a Bible size book of plans, offering variations within those parameters. They will colour outside the lines and make changes within reason. When we asked if we could add in a possible granny flat onto an existing plan, it didn't really make a great impression. Henley would make a change, but were not open to a major plan movement.

Porter Davis met all our requirements, and did a great job on the altered plan we toyed with, but when push came to shove they were a little expensive and the main turnoff for us was they couldn't start a build until December. That was 7 months forward, meaning we'd be paying extra rent & mortgage for a long time.

Metricon has beautiful homes but we found their offerings out of our price range. Simonds had great plans and competitive prices, but again they couldn't even begin a build until December.

National Builders has many plans and is a favourite with first home buyers. They have a lot to offer with homes budgeted at the lower end of the market. We found after looking through a few display homes and seeing someone we know build through them that they tend to do things on the cheap and you get that feel walking through them.

So our search continues to find the right builder with the right home for the right price!


Plans, Plans, Plans....

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So now that we on the way to securing our land, we have begun scouring the display home villages in search of that perfect house plan.

Our pile of brochures is growing very quickly, as building companies seem to spare no extra expense in loading us up with their latest glossy offerings. Some companies give you the plans, the inclusions, extra specials and basic prices. I love to read the fine print and just find out what is 'actually' included and whether or not simple things like floor coverings make the 'standard' inclusion list.

It's either very clever or sneaky how building companies rig their inclusion lists. For first home builders its very easy to think you have everything included in your build package when unless you ask the questions the builders won't offer you information on basics.

I've made it my mission with every display home we visit to ask a lot of questions about what their inclusions are, what is the earliest date they can start and how long their build generally takes. These are all important questions, because ultimately if those answers are not in our favour, we are the ones who will pay out big money to do the basics, pay extra rent, and have to budget for unforseen hidden costs.


Laurimar Town Centre

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I did a search on the Delfin Laurimar website to see what the new Town Centre was going to look like. I was pleasantly surprised to see the artists impression and virtual tour.

Laurimar Town Centre looks like it will be a beautiful tree-lined estate with sparkling waterways and manicured landscaping.

Definately in my opinion, a nice place to come home to.


Sign on the dotted line!

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Over the past couple of weeks we have looked around at other blocks of land, compared prices etc, and still we are in love with the block at Doreen. All the others blocks of land just seem boring with no views and with nothing to really attract us.

So my husband has put in an official offer on this block of land and today we went in to sign our lives away, pending on getting our finance.

We have bought this block for $172,000 which is pretty reasonable for the area. It kind of felt surreal signing up for our own land. Im not really letting myself get excited until I know the finance comes through. At least we have a signed contract, so all going well this baby will be ours!