Hopetoun Interiors

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To Hopetoun Interiors we ventured to on Saturday. For anyone who doesn't know what this is, it's the showroom for all Porter Davis colour choices, from bricks right through to your choice of toilet bowl!!

We had been for a quick browse once before, but once we took a look we realised we would need some dedicated time to choose.

This time we had all three kids with us, but thankfully Hopetoun has a kids room with movies, toys and nice couch so they were occupied for most of the 2 hours.

As Tender is this Tuesday for our beautiful Camberwell 29 home, we had to have some decisions locked in on how the house will look. (Tender (1) A complete signed proposal to perform work for a nominated amount of money. A tender is submitted in accordance with the tender documents. (2) An offer showing a willingness to buy or sell at a specific price and under specific conditions).

Picking the bricks have been a most difficult choice, because that really sets the scene for the whole look of the house. When we found the brick we liked, we then had to match it with the Colorbond roof, render, and gutters and downpipes. Not to mention the garage door and even window frames! Scary stuff when you realise what you pick you will have to live with!

We're going with a lighter latte-ish coloured brick, and a dark grey/blue colorbond roof, and we're still boxing over the render colour. We would love to find a house that we can look at that has those colours so we can get an overall look at the finished product.

It's a mix of excitement and apprehension as we finalise how our home will look. We have spent hours pouring over websites, magazines, and display homes, so hopefully our research will pay off when we see the final look of our home!


Facade choice 2

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After being disappointed at missing out on our 1st choice (see previous post), we were a little concerned that no-one had called to arrange any more colour appointments to keep the ball rolling. Turns out they were waiting for us to get back to them with our new choice of facade.

So yesterday we hastily picked our new choice of facade, all going well. We have chosen the Oakland! I really wanted a portico and this design has normal brick everywhere except the front pillars of the portico. I think it looks stylish. Of course a lot will depend on the bricks we choose.

We are now furiously trying to find a date where we can both go and pick our colours, and get everything ordered and ready for the build. Start date on the house is January, and although we're only at the beginning of September, I have a feeling that the next few months will be a blur.

Stay posted!! ;-)