The Facade!!

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Well it's update Wednesday!

The bricking is coming along slowly, taking a bit longer than we think it should, but hopefully it's all on track.

They've at least almost finished the front of the house including the entrance and garage, and are gradually making their way around the whole house.

We are both a little concerned about the front of the house being the 'Oakland' facade. The original Camberwell 29 has the 'Balgowie' facade, the one we originally chose but had to change because of a neighbour with the same facade.

We went on to change ours to the Oakland, but this facade has a very prominent portico entrance, which given the style of our Camberwell doesn't seem to match.

Of course we are only realising this now, and after seeing the brickwork finished at the front of the house, we are thinking there is too much space above the front windows.

There will be render all around the bottom half of the front facade, so we hope this will make balance out the overall look.

It's always a gamble choosing your exterior style and colours, one you will have to live with for a very long time; hopefully ours will look okay!


Bricks 'n' wiring

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Today not much appeared to have changed from the first look at our home. But on closer inspection we noticed the brick infill to the top of the garage had been finished. This is an upgrade from the normal plaster board that is above the garage door.

The side and back of the house right around to the other side's alfresco area has been 3/4 of the way bricked as well.

We also found that as well as the electricals being finished, they had also done all the Telstra Smart-wiring. The cables had been put into
every room which we had chosen when we did all the electrical plans.

This hooks up all our phone, internet, television reception and Foxtel into the one system through the same cables.

So it's all coming along and getting closer to lockup stage.


Still bricking...

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Had a quick look yesterday to see any progress.

Nothing looked much different from the front, but heaps has been going on at the back. They have nearly finished the side and back walls of the house, mud and all!!

On the inside all the electricals have begun, and we were able to go through and see how many plates for power points they have put in. We have averaged 2 double power points in every room, and more in the living areas.


Doors, bricks, & bath

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On today's visit to our home we found a few new things.

The bricking has continued on the front of the house, and the garage is finished. It gave us an idea of how the bricks will look with the roof.

We are still unsure of the colour of the mortar as it's still drying and hoping they have the colour right, we picked the upgrade of off-white to go with the bricks. So time will tell.

We also found they had installed the laundry door and put some temporary doors on the front, until our beautiful red slat doors come.

They have also started on the bath and finished the frame for the fridge
space for the kitchen.

Very soon it will be at lockup stage, and in around twelve weeks give or take a couple, we will be moving in!


'Wrapped in plastic'

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We went for our mid-week look at our house today. As we didn't get out there till late I was fast losing light; so just took photos hoping my lovely Canon SLR would pick up enough light.

When we got out there we found one lonely carpenter working on the inside of the front door with a flood light. So didn't feel like we could go through the house like usual, so we kind of said hi and snuck into the garage to have a closer look at the start of the bricking.

They wrapped the house a couple of days ago with insulation, and today they had started bricking the garage. As it was so dark and the mortar was still wet, it was hard to see how the bricks looked in colour, so by Saturday we should be able to have a good look at the colours and hopefully get some good photos.

We also found they have installed our beautiful bi-fold doors that lead to the Alfresco, they looked really good. Its all getting closer to lockup stage!

I imagine by Saturday there will be more bricks up, so stay posted!


Our Colorbond roof

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Went to look at the the house this arvo to see if the roof was finished, and yes, a glorious sight grabbed us!

Just like the Colorbond roof advert, we felt the same way today. Both of us standing there gazing at our beautiful new roof. It really was an incredible sight!

As I stated in my last post, I love the colour and seeing it completely finished just confirmed that
we have made the perfect choice in colour.

The other thing I had forgotten about, was that we added a roof vent on top. My husband calls it a whirly bird, I'm sure it has a proper name, but its that fan thing that sits on your roof and draws air into the ceiling to keep the house cool.

Now that we have a roof, the floor in the house can start to dry out and all the mud that's collected will hopefully be easy to get rid of when they come to do the tiles and carpet.

Looking good!!


Roof and fence go up!

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We drove out to check out the house today.

As most of the other houses are either built or nearly finished in our part of the estate, everyone has a roof except us.

Our house kind of stood out as you drove up the hill with just the frame for a roof.

Well today there were no bare frames standing on the hill, because our roof is almost all on. With the exception of half of the garage and the parts that join the roof together.

I love the colour, its going to look great with our bricks! It doesn't look overly flash with the yellowy chip board gracing the front of our house, but at least we can see the shape of things to come.
The other addition is the side neighbouring fence. We've been guessing about how wide our side yard will be as it will be hidden from the main view, and will be accessible mainly from the laundry and back door of the garage.

We had already paid for our part of the fence, so it was great to see how nice it looked; plus we got the better looking side of the fence...


Gutters 'n' bricks

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As it has been freezing cold and raining most of the week, we wondered whether the builders would darken the door of our home this week. But when we went out today we found the boys on the roof putting up all our nice Colorbond Ironstone gutters.
Most of the gutters were finished when we went out there, so I think it would have been finished by the end of today.

And we were also pleasantly greeted with the delivery of all our bricks! As they were sitting up on our block, the first view we had caused us to panic as they were NOT the bricks we had chosen. We then realised we were looking at the side of the bricks that will be unseen.

Our real brick colour is as the pictures below!