Settlement day!!!

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Well this is just a short post, cause we're right in the middle of moving.... but yes we have settled and the house is ours!!

We are currently moving in amidst painting some feature walls. We had originally put feature walls into the budget for the painters to do, but realised we could save ourselves $1500 doing the painting ourselves! Something we wouldn't have attempted unless we had painted quite a few houses previously.

In the family room we have put a beautiful caramel colour, and in the next couple days we will add a chocolate colour to the rumpus room, which will blend in with our kitchen cupboards. The caramel walls will also go with the caramel splashback in the kitchen.

Our watertank was delivered and connected last week, to keep with our 5 star rating required in the Laurimar Estate.

There is still last minute things to be connected and installed so I will update again later in the week with photos etc.

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MDZZJ said...

Congratulations, looking forward to more pics :)

SSAZ said...

Congrats, the feature wall is nicely done.

Wayne ( Ollie ) said...

Good stuff guy's
Let me know when the pancakes are on and we will be there with bells on.
Enjoy your new house. God bless

Cath Swan said...

Thanks all!
Hey Ollie, thanks, heard your wifey got oprah ticks, maybe we could swap pancakes for oprah tickets....haha!!