I'm back!

Posted by Cath Swan |

After our move I got locked out of my blogger account thanks to an email address change, anyhoo I'm back with some new little updates to our home!

Everything inside our home is going great, although we still have towel racks, toilet roll holders & wall pictures to put up. We're a little apprehensive about stabbing the wall just for our enjoyment! But we will get there!

Inside we also finally got our blinds up. We have white wooden blinds at the front and corner of the house, and white block out roller blinds in all the kids rooms and other windows at the back and side of the house.

Outside things are slowly, very slowly taking shape.

We have a side fence now, and fill has been added to level out the back/side yard. Although we still think we need another load of topsoil fill to make the entire yard at the same level. That will happen in the next few weeks. We also have gates on both sides of the house. It's so nice to have a backyard fenced and have our privacy back! The bricked area is to keep the dog out of the dirt, and basically marks out where our alfresco deck will be.

The driveway is still yet to come, due to other needs and Christmas we have had to put that back until maybe Feb, but are still hoping that will happen then and we can finally park our cars in the garage.

So there is much still to do, and you can tell walking around our estate which homes are owner lived in or rented. The rental yards are all finished, and the home owners yards are all dirt, so we take comfort in our patch of dirt, cause it's all OURS!!

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